King Koil Boutique Sleep Deluxe 2000 Mattress

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5 star hotel bed luxury, with an extra deep Pillow top layer for instant relaxation and 2000 independent pocket springs for body cradling comfort. Stay fresh and relaxed every night on tension free Visco memory foam. With long life shape keeping in the form of strong Foam wall encased borders and an all sides reinforced perimeter frame. Everyone deserves a little luxury in life.

Mattress Specs

  • Superb extra deep pillow top layer for instant relaxation

  • 2000 independent pocket springs provide body cradling comfort

  • High density deep Visco memory foam relieves pressure for tension-free body rest

  • All sides wire frames help secure the mattress edge to edge

  • Foam-encasement helps to keep the mattress edges in great shape

  • Completed with a highly breathable fabric, comfort fill and vents for airflow

  • Styled, designed and quilted to meet Boutique Hotel (5* plus) specification

  • Convenient and secure handles assist in securing the mattress


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