King Koil Dromoland Mattress

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The King Koil Dromoland Castle

Dromoland Castle has just been voted the Tripadvisor™ guests “World’s best hotel for sleep 2023”, and to celebrate this coveted win King Koil has launched the King Koil Dromoland Castle bed.

So now, you can enjoy the same luxurious comfort of the Dromoland Castle, in your own home.

Introducing the King Koil Dromoland Castle

This individually handmade mattress is crafted by King Koil’s skilled mattress makers in Co. Kildare. Unmistakably elegant, offering refined luxury and a sensual sleep experience, the mattress helps to ensure the guests of Dromoland Castle achieve a magical sleep, at Ireland’s most magical address.

The deep sumptuous pillow top is plush yet supportive with breathable and pressure relieving memory foam for instant comfort. Nestled on 2000 luxury independent pocket springs for even body support, all backed by King Koil’s legendary back support features and mattress edge protection.

Features and Benefits

  • Deep sumptuous pillow top layer for plush comfort
  • Breathable high density memory foam for soothing pressure relief
  • 2000 pocket springs for healthy body support, with minimized partner disturbance
  • Encased reinforced borders to prevent edge breakdown
    • Anti-bed bug fabric for hygienic protection
  • King Koil’s long life 2 year guarantee + 8 year warranty for added peace of mind


  • 2000 luxury pocketed-springing system for the ultimate in sleeping luxury
  • Spring reinforcement provides additional targeted support
  • Layer of heavy-duty Kaytex support foam for deep down support
  • Combination layer of premium high-density visco-elastic memory foam for unrivalled pressure-relief
  • Foam wall encasement : provides edge to edge sleeping comfort and no roll-off
  • Luxurious pillow-top finish with Tack and Jump quilt design
  • Anti bed bug stretch-knit mattress ticking as standard
  • Turn-Free mattress : regular rotation only

Enjoy the luxurious comfort of the Dromoland Castle in your own home today!